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  27-28-29-30 LUGLIO 2017


Lorenzo Celic

Lorenzo CelicI was born in Trieste, near the Italo-Slovene border of those times in 1978.

Agility went straight to my heart back in 1998 thanks to Ebony, my Border Collie. Nowadays I race with Mizar, my Shetland.
Since 1999 my passion for Agility has pushed me to collaborate with the judges to organize the courses. So, as a result, my dreams came true in 2014: I became an official ENCI and then FCI judge.
During my training to become a judge I worked in team with my tutor to organize, create the courses and judge the qualification performances for the FCI World Agility Championships in 2012 and 2013.
I judged IABC 2015 in Italy, in January I judged Final Italian Absolute Championship, so I enjoyed myself to judge the best Italian competitors.
What is Agility? Good question! In my opinion Agility is supposed to be entertainment above all. My target is to organize courses which can stir the desire to run and have fun to all the competitors.

run, enjoy, have fun, make yor dog happy, smile at your dog after the race.


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