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Sergio Ascenzi - curriculum

Sergio AscenziSergio Ascenzi FCI Agility judge, president of Funny Dog, training center which was born in 1990 in Aosta. He has participated to several official agility meeting and stages in Italy and abroad. He was protagonist in several important events, both as handler and as judge in competitions like World championship, European Open, breed championship and Italian championship.


Some Important events

Year 1992            Agility graduation for Kriss Samoiedo in France

Year 1993            Italian team member in Athen, Greece

Year 2000            Italian Agility judge

Year 2001            International Agility judge

Year 2002            judge at Overall Swiss Championship in Berna

Year 2004            Italian team member at EO in Montichiari with Jasmyne, Australian Sheperd

Year 2005            Italian team leader at AWC in Valladolid Spain (Silver medal team large)

Year 2006            Italian team leader at AWC in Basilea, Switzerland

Year 2007            EO Agility judge

Year 2008            EOJ Agility judge

Year 2009            Agility and Obbedience Enci commitee member

Year 2010            Italian EOJ team leader and coach at EOJ in germany

Year 2011            Italian team leader at AWC in Lièvin, France (Silver medal team large and gold medal individual small)

Year 2012            Italian team leader at AWC in Liberec, Czech Republic (Bronze medal team large)


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