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  27-28-29-30 LUGLIO 2017


Tomàs GlabaznaTomáš Glabazňa - 43 years old international agility judge (since 2007) living in the Southeastern part of Czech Republic.

My agility live had been started as soon as I had seen this amazing kind of six-legged fun as a visitor of a dog show. As I had been living in Slovakia I started my agility activities there. I was participating as competitor at the World Championships 2006 in Basel, Switzerland. My judging carrier started at this period of my life, as well as my longterm work of delegate in the FCI agility committee.

Having moved back to my native and loved Czech Republic I continue my agility life here as an agility judge and trainer in my dog school. I discovered my big passion in training or teaching other agility teams … i enjoy every moment when my endeavour helps to make the handler-dog communication little bit more effective. As I am fully occupied by judging and training I do not compete actively now. Anyways, never say never …

My first judging of an event supervised by FCI agility committee came last year. I felt myself honoured having been elected by the FCI agility committee to judge European Open Junior 2016 in Cilistovo, Slovakia. It was an unforgettable event organised at an excellent level in a beautiful venue, I enjoyed very much my judging there, the great performance of young agility handlers and their dogs as well as the enthusiastic sporting atmosphere.

My thanks belongs this year again to the delegates of FCI agility committee who have elected myself to judge European Open 2017. It is great honour for an agility judge to participate on such great event. I appreciate very much this occasion to see the performance of the world best agility teams on my courses there.

Italy was hosting and organising European Open ten years ago (2007), when I was competing as a handler first time in my life at this competition. It is nice feeling to return back to European open organised in Italy after 10 years … now as one of the judges. It will be my big pleasure to work together with all my colleagues and also with the team of experienced Italian organisers. I am looking forward to it … and to meeting you all in Salice Terme.


Tomas Glabazna
Chvalnov, Czech Republic
May 12, 2017



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