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  27-28-29-30 LUGLIO 2017


Zsofi BiroLet me welcome you at EO2017, where I truly stand for my name – Bíró, meaning ‘judge’ in Hungarian.

I remember the time I started agility in 1997 with my English Cocker, Philip, running the World Champs (he actually ran up to 15th place straight at our first one – quite good for a dog that originally preferred to leave my teen-self and go sniffing instead) – and I even remember the very first EO in Graz where we created teams with funny names, everybody was welcome with or without pedigree, the surrounding was absolutely amazing, the grass was so green! No doubt that the spirit of EO has conquested the world. And so did Italy conquest my heart since.

The country, where I lived for a year as an International Project Manager, changed my aspect to agility. Living the fact that agility creates an international family and is actually acting like a drug, bringing a super-smile that overwrites anything in life, kept me on track.
After 11 years in agility, in 2008, my first Parson Russell Terrier, Scilla joined me and I am forever thankful for the joy that her presence brings. I guess this harmony is what made us win a crazy lot of titles, even over the ever expected limits, like winning Amadeus World Cup, Dog Olympic Games, having numerous clean runs at AWCs, even with a gold in Liberec2012, a lot of National Champion titles and Finnish, Danish, Swedish champion and I could keep listing…

My life has faced more and more agility, as these results also brought numerous seminar invitations, and the two of us just love touring the world together. In the meantime I also graduated at Semmelweis University in Budapest as a sports trainer and Mudi Kaija and another Parson Russell, Ori joined our gang.
The three of them, seminars, holding trainings, managing my own team Canissimo, and of course judging has taken over my professional life, so now I only focus on agility. I also had numerous judging invitations from around the world since I passed the International FCI Judge Exam (2014), including Agilityuken in Norway, IABC in Hungary or the International Agility Festival in the UK. EO is really unique, I have lived it both from the side of competing and having students competing there.

I feel honored for the trust of the FCI Delegates’, expressed by their votes.
So, dear ‘Agility-Family’, I wish to support you from the creative side of the event now, bringing you a certain and friendly atmosphere by my presence, hopefully a bit of brainstorming in coursewalking, fun lines for dogs to run and fair judgement.
We are all getting prepared for this event throughout the year and I wish you all to show us your very best performance.


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